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تداول في العقود الآجلة (CFD) والذهب وغير ذلك الكثير على FX.

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6 April 2022
Lesson 12: Introduction to technical analysis

You probably know by now that the financial market can be volatile and unpredictable. This is why it’s your responsibility as a trader to learn all the tools, strategies, and disciplines that will help you make intelligent decisions when trading.  …

4 April 2022
Lesson 11: Different types of forex orders

Forex orders are an essential part of the trading process. An order is a request to buy or sell a currency at a given price. The type of order you use can affect how quickly you get your desired currency …

4 April 2022
Lesson 10: Different types of trading charts

It is critical to observe the movement of prices in Forex trading. There are several ways to accomplish this, including seeing the ticker in real-time. But the most popular method is to display prices on a chart, which enables you …

4 April 2022
Lesson 9: Understanding MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

When it comes to trading, you’ll likely often hear about MT4. What is it exactly? MetaTrader4 (MT4) is a popular online trading platform that traders can use to automate their trading. Its simple user interface gives access to advanced technical …

3 April 2022
Lesson 8: Leverage: The key to forex market

In this lesson, we will talk about leverage and how it affects your trading. What is Leverage? In simple words, leverage is a facility allowing traders to trade with less capital. As we explained to you previously, 1 standard lot …

2 April 2022
Lesson 7: What are the key forex terminologies?

When you enter the forex market, you will come across a lot of jargon that might catch you off guard, including bulls and bears, hawks and doves, pips and ticks, and more. To understand the market, you must have a …

2 April 2022
Lesson 6: Getting to know bid price, ask price, and spread

 In this lesson, we will cover the following: The two prices in the financial markets.What is the spread, and why it’s important? Prices in the Forex Market There are always two prices when you trade the forex market, the stock …

2 April 2022
Lesson 5: Pip value and calculation

What is a pip value, and how is it calculated? To answer the question, you’ll need this information: the lot size you’re trading, the quote currency, and your account currency. Allow me to explain. The Lot Size As you are …

2 April 2022
Lesson 4: What exactly are a pip and a pipette?

Pips and pipettes are terms commonly used by traders. Here’s what they mean. What is a pip? PIP stands for Percentage In Point. It is a way to measure how much a currency pair has changed in value. We used …

1 April 2022
Lesson 3: Understanding the currency pairs

The US Dollar is the most frequently traded currency in the world. As a result, most currencies are quoted against it. However, different types of currency pairs are used when referring to Forex trading, each of which is split into …