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Market Analysis

22 April 2024
Week ahead: UK, EU economic data in horizon

As we approach another significant week in the financial markets, several pivotal events are lined up that could influence market dynamics extensively. Here’s what traders at VT Markets should focus on: Upcoming US Economic Indicators US GDP for Q1: Due …

19 April 2024
MARKETS TODAY: Turbulence Following Escalation in Middle East

ICYMI – Market summary for today, 19 April 2024 Israel’s attack on Iran following a retaliatory drone strike, has intensified market volatility. This series of events caused a flight to safety among investors, influencing various asset classes and currency valuations …

19 April 2024
OIL: Prices Rise by $3 From Unverified Reports of Explosions in Iran

Brent Futures on the Rise Today, oil prices experienced a notable increase, with Brent futures rising $3.03 to $90.14 per barrel and U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude ascending by 3.7% to $85.76. This uptick is attributed to market reactions to …

19 April 2024
How is the US Dollar Performing in Light of Changing Rate Cut Expectations?

Looking at today, April 19 2024, the U.S. dollar is on track to achieve a second consecutive week of gains as of this Friday, driven by an unexpectedly robust U.S. economy which has recalibrated both investor and policy expectations concerning …

18 April 2024
U.S. Dollar Stays Strong, Rising Bond Yields on Currency Pairs

The focus is intensifying on the U.S. dollar’s interaction with major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and USD/CAD. The EUR/USD pair, for instance, has shown resilience, rebounding from a crucial support at 1.0600 and ascending past 1.0650. Technical …

18 April 2024
APRIL 18: Industrials Rise While Healthcare and Tech Struggle

European stock markets observed a mixed performance with the STOXX 600 index recording a slight increase of 0.2%, amid varying results from key sectors during the ongoing earnings season. The industrial sector, tracked by the .SXNP index, stood out with …

18 April 2024
Is Yen Affected by the G7 Consensus?

The dollar softened on Thursday, pulling back as traders digested comments from Federal Reserve officials which implied that U.S. interest rates are likely to remain restrictive. This shift in the dollar’s trajectory, after a period of consistent gains fueled by …

18 April 2024
MARKETS TODAY: Global, Regional Indices See Mixed Performance

ICYMI – Market summary for today, 18 April 2024: Chinese Market Performance The Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong edged up by 0.2% to 16,281.48 today, showing a modest rise despite opening flat. This minor gain occurs amid a backdrop …

18 April 2024
Asian Stocks Show Mixed Performance Amid Global Economic Tensions

What you need to know about the markets for 18 April 2024: Asian markets exhibited a mixed response with the MSCI AxJ index marking a modest increase of 0.3%. However, Japan’s Nikkei stands out with a looming 4% weekly decline, …

17 April 2024
U.S. Dollar Responds to Fed Chair Powell’s Hawkish Stance and Rising Treasury Yields

The U.S. dollar has strengthened with Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s hawkish outlook. The U.S. dollar’s ascent correlates with an uptick in U.S. Treasury yields, particularly the 2-year note which is approaching 5.00%. This suggests an enduring appeal of the …