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Week Ahead

22 April 2024
Week ahead: UK, EU economic data in horizon

As we approach another significant week in the financial markets, several pivotal events are lined up that could influence market dynamics extensively. Here’s what traders at VT Markets should focus on: Upcoming US Economic Indicators US GDP for Q1: Due …

15 April 2024
Week ahead: Global inflation data in focus

As the third week of April 2024 approaches, financial markets and policymakers around the globe are gearing up for a series of important economic reports. These releases are expected to provide valuable insights into the state of inflation, employment, and …

8 April 2024
Week ahead: Central bank decisions take centre stage

As we approach the second week of April 2024, financial markets and policymakers around the globe are bracing for a series of critical economic reports and central bank decisions. These events are expected to offer valuable insights into the ongoing …

1 April 2024
Week ahead: Market focus on US jobs report

As the world’s economies continue to navigate the post-pandemic landscape, key indicators from the United States, Switzerland, and Canada offer insights into the ongoing recovery and challenges faced by various sectors. The upcoming weeks are set to deliver pivotal data …

25 March 2024
Week ahead: Markets focus on US core PCE price index

As we approach the end of March 2024, the world’s economic eyes are set on key indicators that are poised to shed light on the health and direction of major economies, including Australia, Canada, and the United States. These indicators, …

18 March 2024
Weekly Market Outlook: Navigating through Central Bank policies and economic forecasts 

As we approach another pivotal week in financial markets, our focus turns sharply to the Federal Reserve’s upcoming policy decisions and their potential impact on global markets. In light of recent developments and forward-looking economic indicators, here is VT Markets’ …

11 March 2024
Weekly Market Outlook: Key Economic Events and Central Bank Insights 

As we approach the week starting February 12, 2024, the financial community is on high alert, gearing up for a series of pivotal economic updates. These reports are crucial as they could significantly influence central bank decisions in the near …

4 March 2024
Weekly Market Outlook: Navigating through economic indicators and Central Bank policies 

As we step into the week commencing March 4th, anticipation fills the financial sphere for a flurry of significant economic disclosures. Investors and policymakers alike brace themselves for a cascade of reports set to influence the Federal Reserve’s trajectory leading …

26 February 2024
Week ahead: RBNZ rate, US economic indicators eyed

As we approach the end of February 2024, the financial world turns its focus towards a series of crucial economic updates slated for release. These reports, spanning from Japan’s inflation rates to the ISM Manufacturing PMI in the United States, …

19 February 2024
Week ahead: Eyes on FOMC meeting minutes 

As we delve into the economic calendar for the upcoming week, several pivotal events and data releases promise to provide insight into the global economic landscape. From inflation figures to central bank deliberations and purchasing managers’ indices (PMIs), market participants …