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4 January 2023
Most traded forex currency pairs

What are the best forex pairs to trade? If only this question had a straightforward answer — it would make learning how to trade forex and speculating on currency movements far more reliable. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and …

14 September 2022
Spreads in forex

Whether you are learning to trade forex for the first time or you have already spent years honing your FX strategy, spreads are something you need to know about. These important data points give you insight into how much your …

14 September 2022
Margin in forex

Trading in the forex market generally involves speculating on the movements of currency pairs and predicting whether the market will move up or down. But as with any form of trading, there is more to it than this, and there …

14 September 2022
Forex currency pairs

There are many different trading tools, advanced features, and derivative types available to traders in the FX market, but all of these require a firm grasp of currency pairs — also known as forex pairs. Discover more about this important …

14 September 2022
Forex currency correlations

In a general sense, correlation is something you’ll be looking for as you analyse and assess the forex market. While correlation does not always equal causation, it can still be useful in forecasting and predicting future market movements — techniques …

14 September 2022
Exchange rate in forex

Exchange rates underpin the entire forex market, and you’ll need to know how to view, read and understand these rates as you develop your trading skills. Learn more in our guide. Understanding exchange rates in forex What is the exchange …

6 September 2022
Leverage in forex

Understanding leverage trading What is leverage in forex? Leverage trading is a way to increase your exposure to market forces when you deal in foreign currency pairs. The forex market works according to laws of risk and reward — the …

6 September 2022
Pips in Forex

Understanding pips in forex Pips in forex are the incremental price movements of currency pairs on the foreign exchange market. The term is an acronym for “price in percentage” or “percentage interest point”. When the price of a currency pair …

6 September 2022
Benefits of forex

Key advantages of forex trading As traders learn more about the forex market, and as they start to use the tools and features of their platform in an effective way, they can begin to realise a number of genuine advantages …

6 September 2022
How to trade forex

How to trade forex: A beginner’s guide Getting started in the forex market can be daunting, and traders may feel unsure of how to grow their understanding and develop their skills. Following a few simple steps can help traders to …