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6 September 2022
FX futures

Understanding forex future contracts A forex future contract — also known as a currency future because it involves the relative values of international currencies — is a method of trading in the foreign exchange market. Traders essentially agree to complete …

6 September 2022
FX options

Understanding forex options: options explained A forex option is a derivative — in other words, its value is derived according to data taken from the forex market, including the real-time currency exchange rates and the forecasted changes. When traders use …

6 September 2022
FX spot trading

Understanding spot trading Spot trading involves a real-time assessment of current prices in the foreign exchange market. When an individual makes a spot trade, the value of the currencies they are working with is based on these real-time price movements …

6 September 2022
FX forwards

Understanding FX forwards An FX forward is a method of trading on the forex market. To use a forward, the trader enters into a contract to execute the position at a predetermined rate once the contract reaches its expiration point. …

6 September 2022
FX swaps

Understanding forex swaps What are swaps in forex? A swap in forex trading occurs when two parties opt to loan one another an amount of a specific currency. Party A will loan a designated amount of one currency to Party …