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VT Markets Refer a Friend (FA) Promotion

VT Markets Refer a Friend (FA) Promotion

This Promotion is valid from 11th April 2024

“Refer A Friend (FA)” Promotion is offered by VT Markets, traded under VT Markets LLC (herein “the Company” or “VT Markets”), to the Company’s clients.

  • 1.  By participating in this promotion, both the Referee (new client) and the Referrer (existing client) acknowledge they have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and Accounts Terms and Conditions.

  • 2.  Any Referee referred by the Referrer to VT Markets under the Refer a Friend Promotion, must be a genuine new client that opens a new live account (meaning, not a “demo” account) via the unique referral link provided by VT Markets to the Referrer during the promotion period, and satisfy the criteria contained in these Terms.

  • 3.  Referees who reside in the following country are eligible for this offer:

    Eligible Country Iran
  • 4.  Referrer will be eligible to receive the rewards as per below table:

    Eligible conditions Rewards (USD)
    The Referee register, fund and make a minimum trade of 5 lots on products appointed by VT Markets within 60 days after the referee’s registration gets approved. $50
  • 5.  Only closed trades of FX, Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil will be counted towards this offer.

  • 6.  Positions that were open for more than 3 minutes (180 seconds) will be counted towards to the offer.

  • 7.  The Referrer will be able to claim the rewards for his/her referee in 60 days after the Referee meets the eligible conditions listed in Term 4.

  • 8.  VT Markets will need to verify the referrer’s eligibility after the referrer tries to claim the bonus. This process may take up to 60 days. VT Markets will inform the outcome to the referrer via email.

  • 9.  VT Markets will credit the bonus amount to your nominated trading account after the verification process is completed.

  • 10.  The bonus amount is denominated in US Dollar. If the referrer or referee’s trading account is not based on US Dollar, we will convert the bonus amount using the following formula into the trading accounts:

    CAD Bonus Amount x [USD/CAD] x 90%
    AUD Bonus Amount / [AUD/USD] x 90%
    GBP Bonus Amount / [GBP/USD] x 90%
    EUR Bonus Amount / [EUR/USD] x 90%
    JPY Bonus Amount x [USD/JPY] x 90%
    USC Bonus Amount x 100
  • 11.  Each Referrer is entitled to refer up to 100 new referrals in this offer.

  • 12.  You will not be able to participate in this offer as a referrer if you are an existing affiliate of VT Markets.

  • 13.  The referrer must not promote themselves as an agent, IB or Affiliate of VT Markets.

  • 14.  Referee who received the bonus cannot be linked to IB or Affiliate of VT Markets.

  • 15.  VT Markets reserves the right to stop or refuse client’s participation in the promotion if any of these rules are breached or there is any suspected abuse of the promotion.

  • 16.  VT Markets will resolve any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms in its sole discretion.