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4 Common Types of Traders (Featuring Your Fave Disney Toons)

October 31, 2023

In the Forex market, traders employ different styles and strategies to make the most out of market opportunities. While they all share a common goal—to make profits—the paths they tread toward that destination are as varied as the Disney characters we hold dear to our hearts.

Here are 4 common types of traders, each a spitting image of our most cherished Disney toons.

Trend Trader: Simba 

Simba, heir apparent to the Pride Lands, grew up with an intimate understanding of the Circle of Life. Whether on screen or in the real world, the balance of nature is preserved in inexorable ebb and flow: Kings rise, kings fall, kings rise again.

Much like Simba overcoming trials and tribulations to eventually earn his spot as king, trend traders embody the virtues of patience, caution, and methodical precision. They refrain from pouncing on every market opportunity, instead adopting the watchful, contemplative stance of Simba overlooking his homeland. Just as Simba rode out the hard times in exile before picking an opportune moment to reclaim his throne, trend traders similarly bide their time, seeking out clear market trends and the most opportune moments to capitalise on market movements.

Once a trend is spotted, the trend trader—much like Simba reclaiming his throne—embarks on a journey that can last weeks, months, or even longer. They wholeheartedly embrace the adage that “the trend is their friend.” Just as Simba rallied his loyal allies, Timon and Pumbaa, these traders rely on their technical indicators and analytical tools to navigate the forex landscape. With every trade, they march forward, steadfast in their belief that trends and market patterns will reveal the surest path to success.

Mean Reversion Trader: Aladdin

Amidst the labyrinthine alleys of Agrabah, a bustling bazaar unfolds, teeming with vibrant life, unexpected opportunities, and fleeting encounters. In this vibrant marketplace, Aladdin’s presence is marked by his quick wit, adventurous spirit, and an uncanny knack for seizing opportunities or vanishing into the crowd at a moment’s notice.

Much like Aladdin, the mean reversion trader treads the intricate pathways of the financial markets with wit and a street-sharpened savvy. These traders possess a sharp eye for situations where the market has overextended itself—either soaring too high or plummeting too low—creating an opportunity for a return to a mean or average level. Just as Aladdin swiftly thinks on his feet to seize a tempting apple from a distracted vendor, mean reversion traders nimbly capitalise on short-term market movements that veer away from the norm.

This trading approach is not for the faint of heart. Just as Aladdin is willing to take risks and act on a moment’s instinct, mean reversion traders are quick on their feet and unafraid to engage with the market’s overreactions. When they find their groove, these traders can often find treasures in the most unexpected places—no magic lamps necessary.

Day Trader: Mickey Mouse 

Who could personify the bustling, rapid-fire world of day trading better than the iconic and endlessly energetic Mickey Mouse? From his humble beginnings in Steamboat Willie to his myriad adventures on the big screen, Mickey embodies a spirit of boundless energy, adaptability, and swift decision-making that seamlessly aligns with the essence of day traders.

Much like the relentless enthusiasm that radiates from Mickey, day traders are characterised by their ability to make lightning-quick decisions and execute trades with the speed and agility of a seasoned pro. However, one key distinction sets the day trader apart from their trading counterparts: Unlike trend and swing traders, day traders navigate the financial arena on an entirely different tempo. They are in and out of trades within a single market day, thriving on the market’s fast-paced movements and rapidly shifting intraday trends. Their hallmark is decisiveness, combined with the wisdom to refrain from leaving positions open overnight, wisely avoiding the uncertainty of unforeseen market events that can occur after the closing bell.

Much like Mickey, whose contagious joie de vivre has charmed billions worldwide, day traders perfectly embody the spirit of “seizing the day”. With a twinkle in their eye and the alacrity of a dancer, they revel in the rapid pulse of the market, constantly seeking out opportunities that unfold within the span of a single trading session.

Scalper: Stitch 

Stitch, the mischievous and quick-thinking alien, is a master of adaptation. His antics on the idyllic island of Hawaii—constantly on the move, staying several steps ahead in a world full of surprises—beautifully mirror the scalper’s approach to the world of trading.

Scalping, in the trading universe, involves executing a multitude of small trades throughout the trading day with the primary goal of capturing tiny price movements for cumulative profits. Much like the mischievous Stitch, scalping is rapid, intense, and requires a combination of a sharp mind and remarkably nimble fingers—qualities that Stitch possesses in abundance.

In the heart of the trading arena, scalpers mirror Stitch’s knack for darting about the Hawaiian landscape, where his escapades can either cause chaos or lead to deft resolutions. Scalpers too exhibit this agility, swiftly moving in and out of trades. They capitalise on even the most minute market fluctuations with finesse, securing gains from the continuous rise and fall of prices.

Which Disney Character Should I Be?

Trading, in many ways, is less about what’s right and more about what’s right for you. Just as each Disney character has their unique personality and approach to life, traders similarly have their distinctive characteristics and approaches to trading. Whether you’re a Simba or a Stitch, there’s a trading style out there that’s a perfect fit for your personality, goals, and financial circumstance—finding out what this is will put you on the right track to success.

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