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4 January 2024
Tech-Led Nasdaq Downturn Sparks Market Jitters: Fed Uncertainty and Dollar Strength Unsettle Investors

The stock market opened the year with the Nasdaq Composite facing significant losses, marking a 1.18% decrease following the tech giants’ downturn, influenced by Apple’s nearly 4% drop. This decline, paired with the S&P 500 and Dow Jones slipping, reflected …

3 January 2024
Slight Bearish Start to 2024 Amid Tech Leader Struggles and Defensive Stocks’ Rise

The new year began with a mild downturn in the stock market, seeing the S&P 500 drop by 0.57% after an impressive 2023. Tech giants like Apple faced setbacks, while defensive stocks supported the Dow Jones. Despite this, the market …

2 January 2024
Week Ahead: 2024 Opening Week’s Key Economic Indicators

The inaugural week of 2024 is poised to be a dynamic period for traders and investors, with a spotlight on critical economic indicators that are expected to shape market sentiments. Among the pivotal data releases are the ISM Manufacturing and …

29 December 2023
2023 Year-End Stock Market Rally Sets Stage for Bullish 2024: Indices Near Records

In the penultimate trading session of the year, the S&P 500 approached an all-time high, indicating a robust finish to an exceptionally bullish year for stocks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average secured a new record, while the Nasdaq Composite saw …

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