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Download MT4 for PC

Forex is a popular form of trading for users worldwide, providing diverse markets to speculate in. But to open positions and make trades in a way that suits your strategy and aims, you need the right platform.

Here at VT Markets, we work to ensure that our users have all the tools and platforms they need to develop their trading strategy and grow their experience in the market. This includes offering MetaTrader 4 for PC. Also known as MT4, this trading platform is available on PC and mobile. It is designed to provide a positive learning curve and a powerful selection of features for users of all experience levels and trading backgrounds. Whether you are learning to trade on the forex market or have been trading for several years, you’ll find that MT4 supports your needs.

Read on to learn more about how to download MT4 for PC and start utilising its tools and features today.

Download MT4 for PC in four simple steps

To begin with, you’ll need to get set up with a VT Markets account. We provide easy MT4 downloads onto your PC device. If you’ve already got a VT Markets account, log in and head down to step 2.

Step 1: Create your VT Markets account

  • Head to the top of the page or the VT Markets homepage. Select the Open a Live Account option.
  • Enter your nationality, first name and surname, telephone number, and email address in the form on the right-hand side of the page.
  • On the next page, complete your personal details and submit your identification information.
  • Head to the next form and add more information where required.
  • On the next screen, complete your account configuration.
  • Confirm your ID on the next page.
  • On the final screen of the setup, add funding to your account so that you can begin trading.

Step 2: Log in to your VT Markets account and find MT4

After you have created your VT Markets account, the next step is to log in. You can do this using the button in the header menu, just to the right of the Create a Live Account button.

Next, return to the header menu and hover over the Trading option. This will bring up a menu with the tools and platforms we offer. Under the Platforms section, select MetaTrader 4 at the top of this list.

Select Start Trading Now and then download MetaTrader 4 for PC.

Step 3: Complete your download

Start by downloading the VT Markets MetaTrader 4 software. This will be saved to your PC as a .exe file. When prompted by a dialogue box, choose the Run option and the Yes option to run the .exe file.

When downloading MetaTrader 4 for PC, you will need to allow the program to make changes on the device. You’ll see a prompt asking you to grant this permission — confirm this to continue.

You’ll also need to read through the licence agreement. After you’ve checked this document, select I Agree to continue. You can save the platform to a custom install folder via the Settings button on the next window, or you can download the program to your default folder.

Continue through the wizard until you hit the Finish button. Select this option to complete the download.

Step 4: Ensure you’re working with the latest version of MT4

If you’ve just downloaded MT4 for your PC, you will work with the latest version. If you downloaded the platform sometime earlier, you will need to check that you are working with the latest version.

This is because VT Markets has added many new features to the MetaTrader 4 platform in recent releases. This includes a Trading Central Tools package designed to help you get more from the platform and an economic calendar and Forex New Terminal to ensure traders remain updated and in tune with market developments. There are also account management facilities on the newest versions of MT4 that were not provided in earlier iterations.

Set your PC to automatically update and upgrade applications to avoid missing out on the latest features and functions provided by the VT Markets team. Reach out to the team to find out more about the latest releases and features or with any questions about the platform. We also provide useful resources to support you as you learn how to use MT4.

Trade with MetaTrader 4 at VT Markets

Give MetaTrader 4 a try today — download the platform from VT Markets and explore its tools and features. You can set up a demo account at first and then start trading for real with a live trading account. Want to learn more about the MT4 platform? Reach out to our team today.


Can you use MetaTrader 4 on a PC?

Yes, you can download MetaTrader 4 on your PC. The MT4 platform was designed for PC devices and is not supported by the iOS operating system found on Macs and Apple products.

It is also possible to download MT4 on mobile devices that use the Android operating system.

Can I still download MetaTrader 4?

Yes, you can still download MetaTrader 4. Head to the MT4 page on the VT Markets website and download the platform like any other software.

There has been some confusion among traders simply because of MetaTrader 5 — the update and successor to MT4. However, many traders find that they prefer the older version of the platform and have stuck with this. In 2022, traders can download and use both platforms on their PC.

How do I log into MetaTrader 4 on PC?

To log into MetaTrader 4 for PC, you’ll first need to download it. You can do this right here on the VT Markets page after you have set up and logged into your account. Once the MetaTrader 4 platform is up and running, you can select the File menu option and log into your account from here.

Remember to keep your login credentials safe, and don’t copy or reuse the username and password you use with other applications. If you feel your account information has been compromised, change this information within the MetaTrader 4 platform without delay.

Can you trade forex on PC?

Yes, you’ll need a forex trading account and a platform like MetaTrader 4. This will give you access to the market, enabling you to assess the latest movements and make trades. It is highly recommended that you practise trading on an MT4 demo account before you begin trading for real.

Please be aware that there is always a risk involved when you trade. Even more experienced and expert traders can lose money if the market does not move as expected.

What are MT4 indicators?

Indicators are important features on the MT4 platform, and you can use them as you try to predict future movements in the market. These MT4 indicators may be divided into common types, such as trend indicators, momentum indicators, volatility indicators and volume indicators. While indicators are slightly more advanced trading features, the learning curve of the MT4 platform is designed to help you grow your experience as you utilise these elements.

Remember that indicators do not provide guarantees. The market can still move in the other direction, even if an indicator has suggested otherwise. There is no way to eliminate risk, so always trade carefully and conservatively.

Can you trade on the margin in MT4?

It is possible to trade on the margin with MetaTrader 4. A forex margin refers to the amount of money you will need to put forward from your own capital reserves to open and control a trading position. The broker will put forward the remainder of the money, which makes the trading strategy similar to using leverage. Both tactics involve controlling a position worth more than you would otherwise have been able to afford.

While this increases the potential for profits, it also increases the potential risk. When you trade on the margin, you will effectively be borrowing capital from the broker. This capital will need to be paid back regardless of whether or not the position is successful, and the more you borrow, the more you will need to pay the broker. You may also experience a margin call if your available funds fall below a certain level, which means your positions may be closed automatically.