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Week ahead: Global inflation data in focus

April 15, 2024

As the third week of April 2024 approaches, financial markets and policymakers around the globe are gearing up for a series of important economic reports. These releases are expected to provide valuable insights into the state of inflation, employment, and retail activity across major economies. Each day brings a new set of data that could influence global economic policies and investment strategies. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key reports to watch each day:

Canadian inflation rate

The focus on Tuesday will be on Canada, where the annual inflation rate in February 2024 slowed to 2.8% from 2.9% in January, marking the lowest rate since June 2023. Analysts are projecting a further decline to 2.7% for March, with these figures set to be released on 16 April. This data could influence future monetary policy decisions by the Bank of Canada as it navigates economic stability.

UK inflation rate

Attention shifts to the United Kingdom on Wednesday, where the inflation rate showed a reduction to 3.4% year-on-year in February 2024, down from 4% in the previous months. With analysts forecasting a further drop to 3.1% in March, the upcoming release will be critical for policymakers and could impact the Bank of England’s monetary strategies.

Australia employment change

Midweek will bring insights from down under, as Australia reports its employment data. February saw a robust increase in employment by 116.5K. However, projections for March are more conservative, with an expected rise of only 7.2K. This data, crucial for assessing the health of the Australian economy, is set to be released on 18 April and will likely influence the Reserve Bank of Australia’s future decisions.

UK retail sales

The week continues with more data from the UK, specifically retail sales figures on Friday. Following a stable February with unchanged retail sales volumes after a 3.6% increase in January, analysts are predicting a modest increase of 0.3% in March. This indicator will provide further clues about consumer confidence and spending, which are essential for economic recovery assessments.

Each of these indicators not only reflects the economic conditions within their respective countries but also contributes to the broader global economic narrative. As policymakers, investors, and analysts await these updates, the implications for global financial markets and future economic policies will be significant. The data released throughout the week will offer vital clues on the direction of global economic recovery and growth in 2024.